#SpeakYourMind seeks to break the stigmas and misconceptions surrounding neurodivergence one conversation at a time.

Stigma is an invisible barrier that makes people feel misunderstood, isolated, and reluctant to seek help for their mental health. #SpeakYourMind tears that barrier down by shining a light on the struggles and discriminations that neurodivergent people experience in society.

Empathy, compassion, and understanding are at the core of the #SpeakYourMind postcard campaign. Each card carries a message that communicates what living with certain neurodivergent conditions can feel like, so people without the conditions can understand and learn more.

The postcards catch the reader’s attention with bold ikat patterns and the unexpected, personal nature of being sent through the mail. Recipients may then pin their postcard up, mail it, share it on social media, or anything else to help spread awareness.

Social media plays a key role in raising awareness through the hashtag #SpeakYourMind. The community is encouraged to take the conversation online by writing about their lived experiences, providing support to others, and being willing to listen.

Blending the personal touch of a postcard with the connectivity of social media is crucial to starting conversations and destigmatizing neurodivergence.

Get Involved

If you want to receive a postcard in the mail, fill out the form below and choose the condition that you want to #SpeakYourMind about.

The #SpeakYourMind campaign is made possible by our generous supporters. If you feel comfortable contributing, please consider donating here. 100% of donations go towards printing, paper, and postage.

Behind the Campaign

#SpeakYourMind is a campaign, made and run by graphic designer Yana Vincent-Ferreira, that seeks to break neurodivergent stigmas. Yana’s work focuses on raising awareness around mental health.


This campaign contains no medical advice. #SpeakYourMind is campaign to spread awareness, foster communication and empathy around neurodivergence, and provide resources for further reading on the topic. This campaign is run by neurodivergent individuals who are advocates of mental health.

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