Hey there! I am Yana Vincent-Ferreira.

Logical. Passionate. Physical.

These three words encapsulate my approach to graphic design, a field I’ve been passionate about for nearly a decade. Whether freelancing or collaborating with studio teams, my mission has always been to develop logical solutions to design challenges through comprehensive research, brainstorming, and a process of continual refinement.

I am always experimenting with emerging tools, like generative AI. Continuously learning and growing in a field that’s always evolving. Outside of the studio, I find solace in nature, love hiking and camping, and express my creativity through fine art.

I invite you to explore my curated portfolio on this page, and the rest of my archives. If something sparks your interest, or if you have a project in mind that could benefit from my expertise, I’m open for commissions and would love the opportunity to collaborate with you on your design needs.

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