About Yana Vincent-Ferreira

A Bright Start

Yana has lived and breathed art every day since she first got a taste for it at just six years old. Her natural-born skill and dedication won her numerous awards throughout the following decade.

In high school, her interest in graphic design led her to her school’s media program where she spent three years honing her skills in graphic design and fine art – and even a bit of photography. By her senior year, she was not only taking classes at Truckee Meadow Community College but also interning at Stan Can Design, gaining real-world experience in the industry.

College Years

Yana chose the University of Nevada, Reno in her hometown to receive a higher education. This is when she started to focus more on graphic design work and less on her fine art.

Yana had the opportunity to experiment with new skills and resources that she didn’t have access to before. She has integrated some of her favorite techniques, such as screen printing and Risograph printing into her design practice. All of this culminated in her creation of a campaign from scratch for her thesis work.

While studying math and graphic design at UNR, Yana was asked to come back to Stan Can Design, where she has now been working for almost two years. After graduating, she resolved to further sharpen her abilities by pursuing her masters abroad at Manchester Metropolitan University, where she is currently studying.

Yana’s work during her master’s program has drawn her toward the style of International Typographic Style. This style has become a strong influence on her work and research.

Current Work

Beyond her formal education, Yana is a constant learner. She researches everything that she can and experiments with new projects and techniques to expand her design skill set, like with her postcard series. Her client work has led to her being able to flex her creativity with brand identity, as shown in her work for Growing Older Living Younger.

Personal Life

When not immersed in her designs, Yana can be found sketching captivating landscapes she stumbles upon while going on long hikes and adventures through nature with her loving husband, Travis. She’s an avid explorer, with a love for discovering new areas and observing people, drawing inspiration from the world around her.

A Brighter Future

Yana’s journey is a testament to her passion and commitment to graphic design. Her work speaks volumes about her talent – However, what truly defines Yana is not just her achievements, but her constant pursuit of knowledge and personal growth. Yana remains ever-grounded in her mission to create timeless, meaningful designs that resonate with her audience and clients.

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