Sheremetyevo International Airport

Outcome: Branding and signage

Date: Fall, 2020

Description: Sheremetyevo was built in the 1950’s originally as the main airport of the Soviet Air Force. On August 11, 1959 the first passenger aircraft from Leningrad landed at the airport, the start of the Sheremetyevo International Airport. Sheremetyevo is now one of the top 10 hub airports in Europe, and the largest in Russia. Sheremetyevo International Airport is also has the best quality of service out of all European airports, as well as the most punctual.

The redesign of the Sheremetyevo International Airport is focused on bringing traditional Russian culture into the airport, making the airport itself a tourist destination.

All images used for this project were found on the internet using Google Images and are being used for educational purposes only. This airport concept design was for Graphic Design IV at the University of Nevada, Reno Spring 2021.

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